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250 Not Out!

In the 250th edition of A View From The Bridge, Mark Hitchcock sits in for Patrick, while Davy and Simon look back on the weekends 2 victories over the Nottingham Panthers.

We hear form Stephen Murphy and Derrick Walser.

The lads answer your TFAs and look ahead to the weekend against Coventry and Sheffield.

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Two Men, One Cup.

In a Week in the EIHL shrouded in Cup Successes and Controversy. A View from the Bridge does its best to discuss the issues of the last week. Looking back on the victory over the Manchester Storm, talking to Mark Hitchcock and Ice Time TV’s Gareth Huish discuss the Challenge Cup Final.

Davy, Simon and Patrick look at the David Simms furore, Manchester’s search for investors and answer your TFAs.

They also look ahead to the weekend against the Nottingham Panthers.

You can also tune in for information on a potential return of the Belfast Giants Official Supporters Club

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Cooking Up A Storm

A View From The Bridge returns once again to discuss the weekend’s 4 points for the Belfast Giants. David Rutherford, Omar Pacha, Neil Russell and Mark Hitchcock are the guests to look over a week in the EIHL and look ahead to the game against the Manchester Storm.

Simon, Davy and Patrick run a rule over the contenders for February’s Player of the Month, sponsored by FonaCab, and they take on your entries to The Fan Agenda.

Mark Hitchcock talks Challenge Cup Final, while we look ahead to this weekend’s game against the Storm wit old friends Omar Pacha and Neil “The Coach” Russell.

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Devil's In The Detail

A tough weekend for the Belfast Giants. 2 defeats to Cardiff and title aspirations hanging by a thread, AVFTB returns to run a rule over the games. Jonathan Boxill, Todd Dutiaume and Jono Bullard are our guests.

Simon, Davy and Patrick look at the games and the officiating as well as discuss latest signing Jerome Leduc.

We look across the league at all sorts of happenings, engage with your TFAs before looking ahead, as always to this weekends games against Fife and Nottingham.

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A Tough 7 days for the Belfast Giants, and an impassioned edition of A View From The Bridge. Matt Towe is our guest, While Simon, Davy and Patrick reflect on a Challenge Cup Exit, a stunner in Fife and a home victory over the Dundee Stars.

With the Cardiff Devils arriving on Friday for a massive weekend, the lads ask how the Giants bounce back to form.

We answer your articles on The Fan Agenda and consider what’s going on around the EIHL.

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