Hass to be BANNED

Ahead of tonights game against the Dundee Stars, which will see the return of Kyle Haas from suspension, Gary Jackson reflects on the events that led to the Stars #25 3 game suspension. Sunday 14th November our very own Belfast Giants travelled to Dundee to take on the Stars in a league game which was... Continue Reading →

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Podcast: Kicking Up A Storm

A Thumping Weekend for the Giants who took all 4 points from the Manchester Storm with 13 goals being scored across the two nights. https://youtu.be/5eHvIu6QCWk Patrick, Davy, Simon and Joel return to chat about the weekend, hear from Darcy Murphy, Ciaran Long and Adam Keefe and look at all the burning issues in this weeks... Continue Reading →

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Podcast: Haas-Been

https://youtu.be/y_-slx2kP6A Only one game for the Giants this weekend, a 4-1 victory in Dundee. A View from the Bridge returns to cast an eye over the ill-tempered affair. A View From The Bridge ยท AVFTB: Haas-Been Patrick, Davy, Simon and Joel are also joined by Colin Shields on his induction to the British Ice Hockey... Continue Reading →

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Podcast: 54 Grand Jacket

Inconsistency is rife in the EIHL and the Belfast Giants do not escape that. A heavy defeat in Sheffield was followed by a narrow victory over the Clan in Belfast. https://youtu.be/Pw7noPwwkSw Patrick and Davy are joined on the panel by their old friend Neil "Coach" Russell to look back at the weekend's action. We hear... Continue Reading →

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Podcast: A-MASE-ING

A successful weekend for the Giants witnessed a 5-0 thumping of the Nottingham Panthers and a 4-1 home victory over Fife to finish the Challenge Cup Group on top. This week on AVFTB: Davy, Simon and Joel run through the key points behind the winning brace. https://youtu.be/J6LkJ1kUAl8 Simon catched up with JJ Piccinich, Slater Doggett... Continue Reading →

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