Podcast: Set Ablaze

The Giants were on fire against the Blaze this weekend, scoring 9 and conceding only once. Adam Keefe’s side have set up well for the coming weekend’s visit of the Cardiff Devils.

Patrick, Davy, Simon and Joel look back over the weekend and consider just why they were so dominant over this Coventry side.

Tyler Beskorowany is our guest answering your questions on The Fan Agenda.

It’s Player of the Month nomination time.

The curtain comes down on an outstanding Belfast Giants season. And while the final game was not what they wanted, history will record one of the great seasons for the club. A View From The Bridge wraps the term by interviewing Steve Thornton, Robert Fitzpatrick and Adam Keefe. We look back at the weekend and the season. We also congratulate the KotG MVP, and discuss how we are no longer friends with Omar Pacha. Thank you to EVERYONE who have watched, listened, tweeted, said hello in the bar and more.  We have had a fun season.  CHL is around the corner!
  1. Two Outta Three Ain't Bad
  2. Always A Big Weekend
  3. Top Seed
  4. Champions Again!
  5. Scenarios!

Simon pops to training to chat with some of the lads, and we also look over the latest news, not least the announcement on the extension of the season by one week.

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